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Welcome To South Of The Border Sales 


South of the Border serves clients throughout North America and the Caribbean involved in the production of footwear, belts, holsters and other law enforcement belt accessories both as a consultant and a sales representative. We are currently involved with a diverse range of products encompassing many different industries. Our sources provide vegetable, chrome, mixed tan and ECO friendly leathers as well as bonded leather.  We represent excellent sources for molding TR, TPU. Rubber, EVA, HIPS, ABS and PU soles, heels, toplifts, platforms, and components for the footwear industry. The same sources mold various products associated with a wide range of non-footwear related industries. SOB represents a company that produces molded and embossed labels and ad specialties. One of our organizations produces buckles and ornaments. We fabricate leather and leatherboard heels. SOB is associated with a technically advanced last making company that utilizes 4G technology virtually eliminating the possibility of errors. We work with producers of Latex foams as well as EVA and have an excellent laminating facility.  We represent the premier company in Mexico that produces specialty fabrics and synthetics.
    We have associates that produce finished products such as leather and nylon knife sheaths, both flat and molded for the sporting goods and law enforcement markets, they also produce belts and other products. These same companies are also producing molded and sewn products for a vast array of clients. Since our sources are located in either NAFTA or Caribbean countries visitations are simple, time zones are similar to the USA, shipping is far less than the Far East, and duties are non-existent.

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